2.300 m2
event area
830 m2
1.800 Pax
maximum capacity

Architecture, event areas and capacity

With its authentic industrial ambience, versatile spaces, and its unique location in the heart of Berlin, the ewerk appeals to event organizers and guests looking for the perfect combination of aesthetics, individuality, and functionality for their events.

Industrial chic meets modernity


The former Buchhändlerhof electrical substation was built between 1924 and 1928 by Hans Heinrich Müller, at the time the head architect at BEWAG. The entire venue consists of a steel skeleton cloaked in brickwork, with the outer facades covered in red bricks and the interior of the halls featuring cream-colored glazed ceramic tiles.

This expressionist choice of façade was inspired by the industrial architecture of the 1920s. As the building is set away from the street, the representational control room was oriented toward the inner courtyard.

During the renovation of the ewerk between 2004 and 2005 by the architectural firm Hoyer Schindele Hirschmüller, the aim was to transform the autonomous character of the structure into an airy, modern building that integrated the venue’s new purpose both aesthetically and functionally. At the same time, all stakeholders agreed that it was important that the unique atmosphere of the building, which was placed under historical protection in 1987, be maintained.

Four distinctive areas offer endless possibilities for designing your event

Event Areas

Thanks to its former role as an electrical substation, the ewerk possesses a singular industrial ambience that allows it to stand out from the crowd.

The character of the venue is dominated by Halls C and F, thanks not only to their size but also their historical significance as phase shifter halls, which have greatly shaped the venue since its industrial days. The halls are ideal for spectacular events for up to 600 guests.

The architectural highlight of the venue is the historical control room in which the 150-year history of the ewerk most dramatically comes to the fore.

The modern façade of the building provides the perfect frame for the carefully restored original courtyard, which serves as the central gateway to the venue.

The ewerk is situated on expansive grounds featuring large parking areas, easy delivery access, and accreditation and infrastructure areas, as well as large outdoor spaces for guests to enjoy on sunny days.

Eventlocation-Industrie-ewerk-Berlin-Halle C-Artefakte-unter-Galerie-Gitter

Hall C

A Hall Full of Character

Hall C is where authentic industrial ambience meets modern infrastructure. A gallery inserted as a mezzanine level offers additional event space and creates a comfortable atmosphere within the hall’s rougher surroundings. The historical artifacts of the space serve as special highlights at any event: original tiles on the walls and floor, cranes, the electric cabinets and switch panels, all eyewitnesses to 19th-century industrial culture.

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Hall F

A Marvel of Versatility

Thanks to its symmetrical layout, Hall F provides a high degree of flexibility in the use of its space, paired with first-class acoustics – the ideal setting for awards ceremonies, conferences, concerts or dinners in grand style.

In Hall F, just as in Hall C, certain mementos of the building’s industrial past were maintained during the restoration and provide the hall with its unique ambience.

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Control Room

Travel back in time to 1885

The historical control room forms the heart of the ewerk. Its glass roof along with the original transformer panels from 1926 and the former maintenance walkway with its rustic electric cabinets, all contribute to its unique character. Whether you’re looking for a meeting room or a backdrop for film and photo shoots, this space will exceed your expectations.

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