Ground Floor
Ceiling height
600 pax
Maximum capacity

Hall F – the Versatile Wonder for Your Big Moment

Hall F dazzles with its combination of high functionality and irresistible industrial ambience. This is the place to stage large-scale events in spectacular style.
Eventlocation-Industrie-ewerk-Berlin-Halle F-Blick Ost-hoch

Massive steel structure, historical brick and a sharply defined layout

Hall F

At first glance, Hall F appears larger and more spacious than Hall C, an effect created by the combination of the grey concrete building material and the clearly defined layout.

Hall F is a high, sacred space that continues to present its history clearly and tangibly, while enhanced with modern infrastructural elements. The great versatility of the space as well as the excellent infrastructure for the installation of event equipment make Hall F the perfect event venue – a polymath of a space enriched by industrial authenticity.

Here you’ll find a flexible space that can be made to suit all your event design needs without denying its essential self. Hall F is ideal for giving everyone the space that they need.

Grand productions are their specialty

Hall F is perfect for everything from stage shows and automobile presentations to the installation of TV studios. It dazzles with high functionality while maintaining its unique ambience. Hall F wins you over with its great scale and its ability to be set in scene with the rest of the building complex. Its floor-to-ceiling windows flood the space with light and let the hall shine.

Eventlocation-Industrie-ewerk-Berlin-Halle F-Detail-Galerie-WC
Eventlocation-Industrie-ewerk Berlin-Halle F-Artefakte

Event design at its best – a peek behind the curtain

Case Studies

We have produced over 1,500 events at the ewerk, with no two exactly the same. From multi-day conferences to photo and film shoots, from parties till dawn to international roadshows, from pomp-filled awards ceremonies to fashion shows, we’ve done it all and we look back on our record with pride.

We invite you to discover our incredibly versatile event spaces for yourself and to be inspired by fantastic event ideas and creative stage and set design concepts.

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