Ceiling height
600 pax
Maximum capacity

ewerk Hall C – a place with stunning architecture and history

In this white-tiled hall, a former techno club replete with an historical crane, the industrial past meets chic modernity.
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Tough metal struts, white tiles, industrial ambience


Hall C is the site of the former E-werk techno club, legendary in its own time and hugely formative for Berlin’s club culture and the growth of techno beyond the boundaries of the city. That’s just one reason why Hall C is a space of high emotions and driving energy.

Hall C was lovingly restored with great attention to detail. Much of its original design was maintained – the white tiles, the giant crane, and the massive, raw steel structure bear witness to the space’s industrial past and former purpose. In Hall C, the history of the building is truly at your fingertips.

Modern infrastructure ensures perfect events

During the renovation of Hall C in 2004, event production infrastructure was added and carefully integrated into the existing architecture to ensure a high level of functionality for the event space.

As a result, the 9m-high ceiling of Hall C includes a number of suspension points and elements of a permanent crossbeam system that facilitate the efficient installation of event equipment. All event areas offer stable wifi networks and high voltage current access. The backstage area on the lower level of Hall C provides 333 sq m of preparation and storage space for talent, catering, and production crews.

Charming and rough at the same time – event design possibilities in Hall C

The layout of Hall C is highly versatile when it comes to event design. The spacious gallery sets an accent within the room and provides a second level for event staging.

Diverse perspectives and walkways characterize the space in Hall C, which is particularly suited to receptions and parties, dinners and product presentations. Its highly individual look and atmosphere make it a unique event space.

Eventlocation-Industrie-ewerk-Berlin-Halle C-Artefakte-Schaltkasten
Eventlocation-Industrie-ewerk-Berlin-Halle C-Artefakte-unter-Galerie-Blick-Ost

Event design at its best – a peek behind the curtain

Case Studies

We have produced over 1,500 events at the ewerk, with no two exactly the same. From multi-day conferences to photo and film shoots, from parties till dawn to international roadshows, from pomp-filled awards ceremonies to fashion shows, we’ve done it all and we look back on our record with pride.

We invite you to discover our incredibly versatile event spaces for yourself and to be inspired by fantastic event ideas and creative stage and set design concepts.

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