Ceiling height
200 pax
Maximum capacity

Roof terrace with Skylounge and 360° view of Berlin

The Skylounge, at 35 m and with a generous roof terrace, offers a breathtaking panorama of the capital’s hotspots.
Eventlocation-Industrie-ewerk Berlin-Dachterrasse-Skylounge-Blick West

Above the Roofs of the Capital


Minimalist architecture provides space for highly individual events

The modern lounge on the roof of the ewerk stands in stark contrast to the rough industrial architecture of the rest of the building complex. Here the décor has been kept very minimal to allow our clients to transform the space exactly as they wish. The space is characterized by a clean design, high-quality materials, and the unique view of the hustle and bustle between Potsdamer Platz, the Reichstag and Alexanderplatz.

The unique atmosphere of this location stems from the relationship between the spaces and their surroundings and its role as a calm oasis within the fast-paced city.

The 360-degree panorama view 35 metres above the city delivers an unbeatable thrill. The expansive terrace offers many event options throughout the summer months that owe their charm to the exclusivity of the location.

During the winter, the lounge is the ideal retreat for up to 200 people: cosy, unique, a haven in the middle of the city where you can dance, relax, enjoy an incredible meal, and party until the sun comes up.

Eventlocation-Industrie-ewerk Berlin-Dachterrasse-Skylounge-Blick Ost-Fernsehturm
Eventlocation-Industrie-ewerk Berlin-Dachterrasse-Skylounge-Blick West-Potsdamer Platz

Event design at its best – a peek behind the curtain

Case Studies

We have produced over 1,500 events at the ewerk, with no two exactly the same. From multi-day conferences to photo and film shoots, from parties till dawn to international roadshows, from pomp-filled awards ceremonies to fashion shows, we’ve done it all and we look back on our record with pride.

We invite you to discover our incredibly versatile event spaces for yourself and to be inspired by fantastic event ideas and creative stage and set design concepts.

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