Events in times of Corona

The COVID-19 pandemic presents organizers with new challenges. Based on our experience from the first few months of the pandemic, we have developed sustainable concepts for events at the ewerk, which we would like to present to you below.

COVID-19 compliant events


to live events

From virtual to hybird

In our opinion, a live event cannot be replaced by anything and we hope that we can return to that state very soon. But even in the meantime, despite the restrictions, there is no need to forego the implementation of events. Whether completely virtual or hybrid, a lot can be implemented in the ewerk due to its diverse spatial structure, even under the new framework conditions. Together with our experienced partners, we have developed concepts that we continuously adapt to current conditions and that should make it easier for you to plan your event.

Our hygiene concept

and obligations for organizers

Services via ewerk

Our hygiene concept lists basic hygiene and protective measures for events at the ewerk and serves as a guide for holding a safe event in the context of the current corona pandemic. We show which services we already offer on site and which additional services are to be provided by the organizer depending on the event concept.


COVID-19 tests on site


at your event

For even more security

Together with the biotechnology company CENTOGENE, we offer you a simple solution for getting tested for an asymptomatic coronavirus infection.
The central location of the test center enables the general public in Berlin and the surrounding area to have reliable and fast SARS-CoV-2-PCR tests carried out.
Proof is provided by a throat swab and the results are made available via the CENTOGENE corona test portal, a secure digital platform.

COVID-19 access control

Fast detection, fast action

Access control through AI-based data management

Digital access control through thermal camera-based body temperature measurements and algorithm-based analysis of video streams.
The underlying technology is the only market-ready option, for example, to detect symptoms of fever and the correct wearing of mouth / nose protection, as well as to count visitors in real time.
As a result, access processes are faster, more hygienic and more accurate than with purely manual measures.
The system is GDPR compliant at all times.