Hall C is notable for its warm atmosphere and the fact that, while its former incarnation as a factory building is unmistakable, this feature lends the space a character all its own. It’s exactly this tension between “cooler” industrial architecture and a “warmer” modern decor that appeals to so many of our customers and that they leverage to good effect for their events. The building has been lovingly restored down to the minutest detail in such a way that the charm of the space’s industrial architecture is underscored to optimal effect. Hall C is an ideal space for elegant and exclusive events. It offers 600 sqm of event space and has a capacity of up 600 pax, depending on the type of event. The gallery level, whose 150 sqm of useable space extend into the main space, can be integrated very effectively into an event. The gallery level also makes hall C look smaller, which means that the space can be used for events involving 200 or more persons without any negative effect on the ambience in the space.

When ewerk’s event halls were planned, great emphasis was placed on creating an infrastructure and deploying technologies that would make the space useable for many years to come. In other words, the spaces were planned so as to provide optimal versatility and meet the most advanced technological requirements. We recommend that you use the event planning sheets to flesh out your individual requirements.

In the interest of making it easier for you to plan your event, we have provided building floor plans showing (a) sample seating configurations that will enable you to get a clearer idea of how much space would be available at your event; and (b) the various infrastructure and safety requirements for the spaces. However, should you have any questions regarding this matter, please feel free to call us. We’ll be more than happy to help you plan your event.


600 pax
600 sqm
Suitable for
get together
picture and movie productions
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